Saturday, March 28, 2009

Favorite Panels #6 - Matt Wagner

Can you tell I've been on kind of a superhero kick lately?

This panel is from Batman and the Mad Monk, a six-issue mini-series from 2006. I picked up the entire series for three bucks at NYCC (it would have cost me $21.00 retail) and for that price, it was a great find. Having read the entire 70-issues of Sandman Mystery Theatre about a year ago, I can tell you that Matt Wagner is a great writer, but this story, which is set in Batman's early years, is less a showcase for Wagner's writing than his art. Throughout the quick six issues, Wagner's panels are dynamic, varied, dramatic and generally a lot of fun to look at. Anyway, there's nothing especially innovative or earth-shattering about this particular image; it's just a damn good drawing of Batman from a series full of damn good drawings.

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