Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Fears of a First Time Father

There's just 15 days left until Rachel's due date and I'm finding myself more and more distracted by the day. This article does an excellent job describing my current state of mind, perhaps better than I could even express. I was particularly struck by how well I could relate to this passage:

"While all this excitement wells up in me I am petrified. We attended birthing classes last month, and while it was fantastically interesting and a necessary part of getting ready for the big day it also brought home the fact that a day unlike any other we have ever experienced is rushing towards us. It will involve incredible pain, frustration, anxiety, and eventually the massive excitement we will have when we see and hold our baby. These thoughts leave me feeling nervous, scared and somewhat sick. What have I done? Why have I done this to my loving and caring wife? While she is amazingly beautiful in her full-blown pregnancy I am scared for her and the pain she is ready (and willing) to endure."

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I Beatrice said...

Have no fear - the pain is short-lived, and immediately forgotten! And the subsequent joy is forever.

Take this from one who is both mother and grandmother...