Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

I'm sure by now you've heard that the artist Jeffrey Jones passed away today. I have always been fascinated by Jones' art ever since discovering his one-shot, Ravens and Rainbows, from Pacific Comics back in my junior high school days. I confess I barely kept up with Jones' work outside of comics, and am hardly the most knowledgeable or devoted fan, but I felt genuinely sad to hear of her death, as if I'd just heard that an old childhood friend I hadn't seen in two decades had died.

At any rate, I thought this page from a longer interview with Jones that ran in the February 1981 issue of Heavy Metal was worth sharing. The quote in particular strikes me as a fitting memory of the artist's daring individuality, and the page gives a great contrast of her versatility and willingness to challenge herself. And in the off chance you haven't seen it, Tom Spurgeon's detailed obituary of Jones is definitely worth checking out.

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