Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What $38 Gets You...

Sunday Jan. 2 was my 38th birthday (which I'm proud to share with Lynda Barry) and every year I treat myself to some random back issues. There are only three rules I try to follow:

1) The comics have to be total impulse buys (not something off my want list, or stuff that I had been planning on getting anyway),

2) Comics only, no trade paperbacks or graphic novels, and

3) The total cost has to be under $38 (basically, my age).

Here's what I got this year at Roger's Time Machine (which is, for my money, the best place to buy older comics in New York City):

Thick Black Kiss TP - I violated rule #2 with this choice, but it was only $3.00 and I've always been curious to read Chaykin's adult series, so I couldn't pass it up.

Howard Cruse's Barefootz #1 - I read this one first and really enjoyed it. Cruse is a real talented artist, and this collection features some of his underground work from the '70s. Makes me want to go back and re-read Stuck Rubber Baby, but there's so many other things in the queue.

Grit Bath #1 - I love Renee French!

Stray Toasters #1-4 - Each issue of Stray Toasters for a buck each was too good to pass up. I love Bill Sienkewicz but for some reason never got around to this Epic series.

Street Comix #1 - This is a 1973 b&w reprint comic of Alex Raymond's lesser known work, Rip Kirby. Looks beautiful!

Echo of Futurepast #1 - An '80s sci-fi anthology from Neal Adam's Continuity Comics. I got this for the Neal Adams stuff, but it looks like some other good stuff is there, too. The Teule story looks interesting, though I haven't read it yet.

Alien Worlds 3D - This will be cheesy, no doubt, but I love Bruce Jones EC-inspired '80s work, and this is one of the few issues I didn't already have. Plus...3D!

California Girls #3 - The was the only issue I was missing from this Eclipse series by Trina Robbins.

Peanut Butter & Jeremy - An early James Kochalka comic. Hope it's half as good as his more recent stuff for Top Shelf.

Zap Comix #14 - This may have been a mistake. The S. Clay Wilson pieces, on initial scan, hurt my brain, and there's only a two-page Crumb story. Still, I will try to read with an open mind.

Buzzard #12 - I got this one for the Mario Hernandez story (it's only one page, but hey, I'm a completist!), but there's some other interesting looking pieces, too. Could go either way.

Voyages - I hadn't seen Jog's post about this book until today, but the "Bravo for Adventure" piece by Toth made this purchase a no-brainer. The copy's a little beat-up, but fine for reading.

So that's it. Not a bad haul at all for $38.


DerikB said...

The new Rip Kirby collections from IDW are kind of pricey but the reproduction quality makes it worthwhile. I have some old reprints and they just don't stand up to the new ones.

Marc Sobel said...

Yeah, they're $50 each, but you're right, they do look great. Still, I kind of like reading comics on old, yellowing newsprint now and then.