Monday, March 02, 2009

Favorite Panels #4 - Simon Bisley

I've been having fun reading old 2000 A.D.s lately, mostly from the mid-80s to early 90s. The stories are mediocre sci-fi and fantasy fare, but the black and white artwork throughout was frequently outstanding, even in the most mundane stories. In the US, it's easy to forget that virtually every major British artist of the past two decades got their start in the pages of 2000 A.D.

Anyway, this particular A.B.C. Warriors panel comes from Prog #563 (from Feb. 22, 1988). If all you know of Simon Bisley's work is his 80s Lobo mini-series and those classic Doom Patrol covers for Vertigo, you may not realize what a stunning and imaginative artist he is. I liked this particular panel above for its clever use of text in the image, but for the sheer beauty of his linework, there are many better examples.

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