Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shelf Life Update

It's been a while, so I just wanted to give a quick status update.

1) Bad news first. It looks like Sequart will be back, but it might take a little while longer. I don't know all the details, but the entire site had to be moved to a new server, and there's some significant recoding that was required.

2) In the meantime, I've built a temporary site for Shelf Life. So far, I've only loaded the first six issues, but depending on how long it's going to be, I may add some more. Once Sequart is back, I plan to deactivate this site.

3) After more than three years, I've finally reached the most challenging part of the entire project. Issue #39 concludes not only Jaime's "Wig Wam Bam," but also Gilbert's "Love & Rockets X," and issue #40 concludes "Poison River." At this point, I am about 85-90% finished with my analysis of "Love & Rockets X" (which, I have to mention, is an underrated masterpiece). Depending on where Sequart is in the recovery process, I may post this at the temporary site sometime in the next few weeks. Once I hit issue #41, I expect things will go much quicker since the Brothers look like they gave up on the longform epics and returned to doing short stories.

4) My personal goal is to reach issue #50 in 2009, but it'll just depend on how long it takes me to get through "Poison River." I plan to re-read the entire story, including the additional pages added in the collected edition, so that is the most likely bottleneck I can foresee.

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