Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love & Rockets #35

Break out the champagne! My latest Shelf Life is finally up over at Sequart.

I had great intentions of getting through a few more issues this summer, but a heavier than expected workload, my son's first birthday, an unplanned (but very relaxing) weekend in Vermont, and my inability to focus on a single project are the reasons I am moving so slowly.

I also realize that these columns are becoming increasingly dense. This is no doubt a reflection of the series itself. As I knew it would, each issue is becoming much more challenging to review as a work unto itself. It's like reviewing middle chapters of novels; there are much larger narrative arcs than I am able to see at this point. However, like I did with "Human Diastrophism," once I complete each of these stories, I do plan to spend significant time reflecting on their merits as a whole.

By the way, I encourage you to check out fellow Sequart contributor Andrew Edward's column, Brought to Light, which is taking a similar approach to the complete works of Alan Moore. He's only two columns in, focusing on Moore's earliest strips (Maxwell the Magic Cat and Roscoe Moscow), but it's a very well-researched, enjoyable column.

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