Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love & Rockets #32

And while I'm actually posting updates, I should also mention that I just published Shelf Life #32 last night. This one looks at middle chapters for both of Gilbert's ongoing graphic novels ("Poison River" and "Love and Rockets") as well as Jaime's short Locas story "Below My Window Lurks My Head." By the way, does anybody know where Jaime came up with that title? I did some googling and wasn't really able to come to any kind of definitive answer, though there were a few hits for some Pixies fan sites, so it makes me think maybe this is a reference to a song lyric. Anyway, if I don't find out beforehand, I'll ask Jaime personally whenever I finally get the chance to interview Los Bros. I've been keeping a running list of questions for both brothers since I began this project.

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