Monday, June 05, 2006

The Wednesday Forecast - 6/7/2006

Y: The Last Man #46 - I am so behind on this book. I think the last time I checked in, Yorick and his crew were just leaving for Japan in search of Ampersand. Still, I love the concept of this book, and considering that Vaughan is still writing it, I'm still interested. I'll probably do a binge read one weekend in the near future and catch up.

Walking Dead #28 - this title, on the other hand, I read immediately. I haven't loved every issue, but the last two were great, and it's clear to me that Kirkman loves this book as much as his readers do.

Squirrel Mother TP - I actually already have this. Ordered it off of Fantagraphics' website a couple weeks ago, but havent' had the chance to read it yet. I can tell you that it's a beautiful looking book, though. Squirrel Mother collects all of Megan Kelso's short stories (many which were published in various anthologies) into one handsome book. There are also a couple new stories as well. Definitely recommended.

Morlac GN - I previewed this one in my Top 27 for June, and I have to admit I'm really curious to see this book. I know nothing about its creator (Lief Tande) and the few descriptions I've seen online for the story itself sound very intriguing. I have a feeling a lot of comic stores won't have ordered this book, so if you're curious, you can order it online here.

Other books I'll flip through but probably won't get:
  • Grease Monkey HC - I took a quick look at this when I was at Midtown last week. It looks like something I would like, with solid art and a complex, multi-layered story, but probably will pass on right now. Just too much to read, and not enough time and money.
  • Action Philosophers Vol 1 Giant-Sized Thing TP - I also previewed this in my Top 27 books for June. Not sure if I'll end up getting it, given all that I have in my reading pile already, but I think its definitely worth a look.

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