Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Love & Rockets #3

My latest Shelf Life column is now up at Sequart. This one focuses on Love & Rockets #3, which includes Gilbert's very first Palomar story, "Sopa de Gran Pena (Heartbreak Soup)," as well as a couple great short stories by Jaime, including "Toyo's Request." This column's a little shorter than the last two, and also includes a scan of the awesome back cover by Jaime. I'm hoping to increase the frequency of these as my schedule frees up a little over the summer, and the issues drop from 64 to 32 pages each starting with #5. As always, let me know what you think about this project - good, bad, or otherwise.


Mike M. said...

I know you've had doubts about finishing this huge project. I'll be disappointed if you do, as will the many fans who have yet to discover it. I appreciate the front and back cover in full color. For a L&R fan who started in 2005 this is the only way I'll ever see all the covers in color. Eagerly awaiting the next retrospective.

Marc said...

Thanks, Mike! Glad you're enjoying it. And don't worry, I'll finish it, it just might take me a while.