Monday, May 22, 2006

The Wednesday Forecast - 5/24/2006

Daredevil #85 – other than Kabuki, this is literally the only Marvel title I’m following right now. Ed Brubaker’s Sleeper-style prison story is greatly aided by Michael Lark’s dark, noirish art. The two did some outstanding work together on Gotham Central, not to mention the underrated classic Vertigo mini-series Scene of the Crime, and so far, their Daredevil run has been great.

Negative Burn #1 – Joe Pruett’s reboot of the old Caliber anthology is sure to attract some attention. The original version of Negative Burn featured many of the industry’s top talents way before anyone else had heard of them, but in reality it was always, at best, a mixed bag. It certainly did produce some winners though, including Brian Michael Bendis' classic Jinx, David Mack's Kabuki, Gary Spencer Millidge's Stranghaven, and perhaps most notably Nabiel Kanan, whose short-lived Exit series is one of the most underrated classics of the last twenty years. With this latest incarnation, Pruett tries to once again reclaim past glory, and it will be interesting to see how successful he is.

We Are On Our Own – Miriam Katin’s first graphic novel, at the age of 63, could be one of the most unique and compelling works of the year. Impossible not to compare to Maus, this is a WWII memoir recounting a mother and her young daughter’s escape and struggle to survive the Nazi invasion of Budapest. There's a great 4 page preview here. Published in hardcover by Drawn and Quarterly.

Angry Youth Comix #11 – though I’ve read some Johnny Ryan here and there in anthologies, and generally enjoyed what I’ve read, I wouldn’t say I’ve loved him enough to seek out everything he’s done. That being said, this looks to be one of his best works to date, based on early reviews, and I’m tempted to give it a shot. Plus, I really love the cover.

Scott Pilgrim vol. 3: Infinite Sadness – I actually haven’t read the first two volumes of Scott Pilgrim, much to my shame as everyone I know says they’re excellent, but I did read the Free Comic Book Day issue from Oni Press, which at least gave me a taste of what I’m missing. It’s probably better to start with the first volume, but I may be tempted to give this one a shot, just to see how it reads on its own.

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