Monday, May 29, 2006

The Thursday Forecast - 6/1/2006

**Don't forget new releases arrive on Thursday this week (in the US) due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Battlestar Galactica #0 - by now I'm sure you've heard endless praise for the outstanding remake of Battlestar Galactica on the Sci Fi channel. Having watched the entire first and half of the second season, I can say that the show is indeed as good as you hear, and is probably the best pure science fiction television show since Star Trek: The Next Generation. So, given that and the fact that this first "incentive" issue is only a quarter, I'll likely pick it up. I have not read much of writer Greg Pak's work, and have never heard of artist Nigel Raynor, so my expectations are low for going any deeper into the series, but I'm gonna try my best to come at this issue with an open mind.

Scrublands - although I'm very interested in South African cartoonist Joe Daly's American graphic novel debut, and its been getting some pretty good press, I may wait on it given all the stuff I've bought and haven't read yet. But I do plan to take a good look at it, and you never know. Check out this very interesting 4 page preview.

Uptight #1 - the new Jordan Crane floppy from Fantagraphics, originally due in April, finally arrives. I'm not sure how much of this is new material vs. stuff reprinted from his various mini-comics, but I can tell you if you haven't read the first two issues of his mini-comic graphic novel in progress, Keeping Two, you're missing out on Crane's best work to date. The entire story will be serialized in this new series.

Abadazad Books 1 and 2 - as mentioned previously, these new collections (160 pages each) from Hyperion expand upon the concepts in the original Crossgen series, though in more of a "prose and art" format. Definitely worth a look.

Other books I may take a quick flip through but probably won't get:
  • Never Made to Last: Stories of Suburban Folklore GN (Ourobor Books) - I'm assuming this collects the first three issues of the hit indie series, though a google search revealed very little info about this book.
  • My Inner Bimbo #1 (Oni Press) - new 5 issue mini-series by Sam Keith.
  • Treasury Of Victorian Murder Vol 8 The Case Of Madeleine Smith TP (NBM) - Rick Geary's art is always fun to look at, but I've yet to get any of this series, so I doubt I'll start with vol. 8.
  • Walt Kellys Our Gang Vol 1 1942-1943 TP (Fantagraphics)
  • Skyscrapers Of The Midwest #3 (Adhouse Books)
  • Stagger Lee GN (Image) - Erin over at The Comic Queen has a good review.
  • Night Trippers (Image) - new graphic novel by Mark Ricketts.

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